Autonomous robots in minutes

Hello, modular framework!

Describe your solution, design your robots capabilities, validate and deploy.
All in one tool.
No need for multiple apps, just peace of mind throughout the process.

Here is how it works


Design your solution

Easily create, reuse and compose capabilities  with little or no code. Build robust logic that can be tested and validated.

  • Compose tasks with drag&drop and visual programming
  • Import complex logic and low-level algorithms in one click
  • Customize your logic if necessary and share it with your team


Validate your design

Execute your solution in a sandbox environment and make sure it is correct and safe.
Our stack, powered by Rust, optimizes all essential modules for the platform of your choice, saving you valuable time and effort.
You focus on creating exceptional robotics solutions.
We handle the rest. 


Deploy & Monitor

Experience a seamless transition from simulation to reality with our realistic simulator. Thanks to our agent that mirrors the behavior of the real robot, deployment happens in minutes, not weeks.

Get complete visibility and control: our monitoring system allows real-time tracking and analysis for optimal performance and efficiency, empowering you to stay ahead of potential issues, enabling interventions and data-driven decision-making for continuous enhancement.