AI-powered platform for

autonomous robots

Prototype, simulate, and deploy solutions for drones, ground vehicles, and satellite applications

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Give your robots superpowers

Visual Programming

Discover the low-code platform that allows developers to save a significant amount of time.

Fast Prototyping and Deployment

Integrate your standalone code and libraries for rapid prototyping and deployment.

Collaborative Design

Build projects together with your team members by simply sharing a link. Versioning and reproducibility are on us.

Code Safety

Experience code safety and integration with our SDK for Python, C/C++, Rust and Javascript

Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Monitor your fleet in simulation or operation to detect malfunctions and intervene promptly.

Integrate with popular frameworks

Seamlessly integrate with ROS2 actions, services, topics or standalone libraries. Enjoy the power of ROS in just one click.

AI driven insights

Understand your workflow

Reproducibility and code safety are keys to success in the modern world. Intrepid AI provides an intuitive interface to deploy autonomous robotics with peace of mind.

Keys to Success

Awesome features to level up your game in robotics

Versioning and reproducible pipelines

Intrepid for any sector and use case


Intrepid's framework allows you to easily prototype and simulate solutions for open-world scenarios such as agriculture fields and diversified robot fleets.

Public safety & Security

Design and deploy solutions aimed at protecting the public, including search & rescue operations, emergency response, disaster management and much more.


The visual tools offered by Intrepid are the perfect choice for educators and students who want to build solutions from scratch or in collaboration.


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