We believe in empowering robotics application development through the integration of AI

Our story

We started Intrepid after experiencing long iterations building robots and scenarios. Designing in the lab and then testing functionalities and behavior in the field was just too time consuming and expensive. We soon realized that our needs were the needs of many.
Harnessing our expertise in computer programming, electronics, and artificial intelligence represents the platform's inherent evolution. We love to solve problems, making innovative ideas feasible and likely to become reality. Our passion for research underscores our belief in prioritizing science. This is our stance.



The team includes a group of
experienced robotics engineers, researchers and software developers, strong with Rust and video game engine development

We started working on Intrepid AI late 2022.  Now, our team includes a group of experienced academic researchers, robotics engineers and experts in artificial intelligence.
The essence of the team at Intrepid AI extends beyond professional collaboration: we are proud nerds who thrive on challenges.

Let's empower robotics together

If you thrive on breaking things only to rebuild them better, we want you! Explore open positions and get ready to play hard, code harder, and redefine what's possible.